This series is a compilation of my Alchemy sketches or processes I have developed into final images.

Alchemy is an open-source software project re-interpreting the digital painting experience around the creative process
rather than the end result. These drawing sessions can be likened more to live performances as forms, colours, styles evolve
through an iterative process of free-association and improvisation.
You can learn more about Alchemy 'An open drawing project' here.
February 2012 - Present, London.

'acidlab' by london modular alliance
live alchemy session

alchemy 01alchemy 01 digital painting pass alchemy 01alchemy 01 raw sketch sea lionsea lion digital painting pass sheep god birdsheep god bird post-processed final splitsplit digital painting pass coke headcoke head raw sketch storkstork post-processed final concave tinglesconcave tingles alchemy sketch